DTP jshint reporter producing output more friendly to VS Code for use with Ctrl+click in a terminal view.
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Digital Telepresence jshint reporter

A jshint error/warning reporter using an output format that is friendly to VS Code and other editors to use when navigating to the error in your source code.

Getting started

First, make sure Yarn has linked the module in your workspace as follows:

cd ~/projects/dtp/dtp-jshint-reporter
yarn link

This will expose the project in that directory to Yarn for linking elsewhere on your system.

Next, add dtp-jshint-reporter to your project as follows:

cd ~/projects/dtp/[your-project]
yarn link dtp-jshint-reporter

In your gulpfile, do something like:

function dtp_jshint_services ( ) {
  var jsrc = 'app/services/**/*.js';
  return gulp